Elaine C.Geall




Born in 1976, Elaine Claire Geall is a professional artist and a resident of Bournemouth, Dorset, in the south of England. Working predominately in oils, watercolour and occasionally drawing media, especially ink; the majority of her works consist of animal portraiture, local fauna and flora.

Attending King's Park Primary & Junior and Summerbee Secondary Schools in Bournemouth, Elaine's talents for drawing, painting and love for animals were evident from an early age and she went on to study natural history illustration at Bournemouth & Poole College of Art, Wallisdown, Dorset.

With the aid of optics, a camera and a sketchbook, Elaine's compositions are loosely compiled from her own experiences and knowledge of local fauna and flora, she encounters from her visits to favourite haunts in Dorset and Hampshire.

Be it carpets of wild flowers on a woodland floor, seabirds on coastal cliffs, butterflies, nightjars and glow-worms in spring and summer, rutting stags, fungi, rustic hues, congregations of birds round our coastal shores and estuaries during the autumn and winter months. She is influenced by subtleties of light, colour and tonal details, Elaine aims to capture likenesses and narratives of her subjects, as truthfully as she can.


2010 Ringwood Art Society Award - Certificate of Merit

2007 Wildscape Artist of the Year - ' Highly Commended ' award in the Editor's Selection

2002 Birdwatch Artist of the Year - Finalist


2015 Southern Nature Art Exhibition, Rookesbury Park, Hampshire

2015 New Forest Open Exhibition, New Forest Centre, Lyndhurst, Hampshire

2014 Marwell International Wildlife Art Society Exhibition, Rookesbury Park, Hampshire

2007 National Exhibition of Wildlife Art, Gordale Garden Centre, Wirral

2002, 2003 National Exhibition of Wildlife, Road Range, Liverpool

2011, 2012 Pinewalk Exhibition, Bournemouth Gardens, Dorset

2000 - 2011 Marwell International Wildlife Art Society Exhibition, Marwell Hall, Hampshire

1999 - 2001 Art in the Park / Barabara Woods Exhibitions, Upton Country Park, Poole, Dorset

1998 Art by the Sea / Barabara Woods Exhibitions, Hermitage Hotel, Bournemouth, Dorset



1998 Elaine produced bird Identification panels for Farlington Marshes HWT NR, Portsmouth, UK


2006 'Bobby, Penny & Susan' dog portrait, Dorset, United Kingdom

2001 'Nusha' dog portrait,

'Jack, Flutter & Bet Oliver' horse portraits, Dorset, United Kingdom

'Lily' dog portrait

'Anna, Charlie & Bizet' dog portraits, Queensland, Australia

'Rebel, Flo & Apollo' horse portraits, Hampshire, United Kingdom

'Wishfall' horse portrait, Dorset, United Kingdom

1993 horse portraits, United Kingdom


2006 'Jack' horse portrait - private collection, Dorset, United Kingdom

2002 'Oscar' oval cat portrait

'Tinker' oval cat portrait - private collection, Dorset, United Kingdom

1999 'Otters' - private collection, Dorset, United Kingdom







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