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Privacy Policy:
This privacy notice explains the use of personal data obtained about you when you use this website, commission the artist to do a drawing or painting, contact the artist with enquiry or sign up to the artist's mailing list.

What data is obtained about you?
The artist obtains personal data from you when you; place an order, make a web-form enquiry or sign up to be included in the artist's mailing list via the online form. Personal data may also be obtained if voluntarily give the artist, the gallery or agent representing the artist your contact details at an event or exhibition.

How is you personal data used?
The artist obtains personal data about when you commission an artwork or make a purchase (if applicable). Personal data obtained would be used to keep you informed of future works and events that the artist may take part in, because you have expressed interest in her work. The artist will not share your information with any third parties.

Use of cookies and analytics
Information collected from the website using cookies and analytics is anonymous in nature and simply provides the artist with basic visitor information such as- visitor numbers, new vs. returning visitors, country of origin and acquisition (for example, by search, social media, etc.).

Does this website use cookies?
Yes. This website uses cookies mainly to enable core functionality, to prevent the artist being bombarded with contact page messages from robots (or strange people) and to remember which image is being looked at (in case the viewer wants to view an enlarged version). However, they do not try to identify which “web browser “ is being used or try to locate viewer locations by means of “address time zones etc”.

Currently there is no online shopping function, but should the artist decide to the add online shopping anytime in the future. Cookies would then be used to keep track of the shopping basket.

Does this website use analytics?
As far as the artist is aware, analytics are not part of the system on this website.

Payments by cheque, to be made out to 'Elaine C. Geall'.  

Contact the artist:
Please go to the contact page and fill in the web-form.
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